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How AMSOIL Rates to Other Brands

AMSOIL Motorcycle White Papers - A Study of Motorcycle Oils (Update) - September 2006
An update with testing done in March 2006 of the previous report.

AMSOIL 10W-30 API Comparative Motor Oil Testing Update - December 2005
AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil (ATM) undergoes new testing against some of the more common oils including Mobile 1 Extended Performance Oil. The tests were conducted June 2005

AMSOIL Compressor Oil White Papers - A Study of Compressor Oils - November 2005
The purpose of this paper is to inform consumers about the performance and cost differences between compressor oils, including OEM branded and popular aftermarket products.

AMSOIL Motorcycle White Papers - A Study of Motorcycle Oils - October 2005
The most comprehensive motorcycle oil testing in history. 26 popular brands were tested and compared.
(Links to the updated report from September 2006)

Comparing AMSOIL to Mobil 1s New Extended Performance Oil - March 2005
In February 2005 Mobil 1 released a few new lines of oils offering longer drain intervals. One of these included a full synthetic advertised as having 15,000 mile or one year drain intervals. Mobil is trying to make the consumer think they are the first to do this. Facts are that Amsoil has offered 25,000 mile or one year drains for over 30 years, longer than Mobil 1 has even been on the market.

How the AMSOIL Two-Stage Air Filter compares to a K&N Air Filter - July 2004
Often I am asked the performance differences between the AMSOIL Two-Stage Air Filter when compared to the more popular K&N Air Filters. I decides to summarize what I've learned and have read here.

AMSOIL 10W-30 Excels in API Comparative Motor Oil Testing - December 2003
AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil (ATM) and 10 competing conventional and synthetic 10W-30 motor oils were subjected to a series of API motor oil tests back in May 2003.

AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lube Outperforms Valvoline Gear Lube - June 23, 2003
AMSOIL submitted its 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube (AGR) and Valvoline 75W-90 Gear Lube to an independent laboratory for quality comparison tests.

Why Harley Owners Choose AMSOIL - May 23, 2003
Wear Test Comparison - AMSOIL vs. Harley Screamin' Eagle

All Synthetics Are NOT Created Equally - Spring, 2003
There are different Synthetics. Read the difference between Group III and Group IV oils, which brand is what, and how they compare.

They Say Nothing Outperforms Mobil 1? Wrong - November 11, 2002
AMSOIL INC. set out to examine the specifics of the overly broad “Nothing Outperforms...” Mobil claim.

AMSOIL Series 2000 Gear Lube vs. Lubrication Engineers Gear Lube
After an online debate, answers were giving on what a Gear Lube is supposed to do, and why Amsoil was the better choice

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