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Air Intake Systems

Intake System Design

Air intake systems serve several important functions. Primarily, they are used to increase the amount of oxygen available to the engine and reduce air turbulence increasing power. Because cool air has greater density than hot air, aftermarket intakes improve combustion of fuel by capturing cooler air from outside the engine compartment. In addition, an aftermarket air intake system increases the diameter of the intake as compared to the original equipment, increasing air flow into the engine and making more oxygen available during the combustion process.

By designing a more direct route for the air entering the engine, as well as a smoother interior surface for the intake, air resistance is reduced and air flow is increased. To protect the engine from damaging dirt, cold air intakes are also equipped with filters. Air intake systems can improve gas mileage and increase performance, and they also add a sleek, custom look to a vehicle.

Construction of Injen/AMSOIL Diesel Air Intake Systems

AMSOIL offers the Injen/AMSOIL Power-Flow Diesel Air Intake series with revolutionary Variable Induction Technology. The new VI Technology process is a multipower air induction system that fills the plenum with cool air from factory wheel well opening, giving added power on demand. Injen/AMSOIL Diesel Air Intake Systems are manufactured with aerospace alloy T6 aluminum, stainless steel clamps and tig-welded ports and brackets. They are dyno-tuned for peak performance and have a direct bolt in application, making installation quick and easy.


Improved Air Flow Equals Increased Power

Injen/AMSOIL Power-Flow Gasoline Intake Systems feature AMSOIL Ea Air Filters with Nanofiber Technology.  This offers state-of-the-art filter efficiency while providing excellent protection and air flow.  The cleanable and reusable Ea filter element provides a longer filter life with proper maintenance.  The systems also feature removable prefilters, which remove larger dirt particles to extend the life of the EaA filter.

The increased inlet size of the air intake systems increases horsepower and torque while providing more passing power for changing lanes, especially while towing.  The 360° accordion style filter elements provide  500% more surface area, maximizing air flow into the engine.  Finally, the improved air flow can help improve fuel economy (depending on driving habits, conditions and vehicle upkeep) and help the engine run cooler and more efficiently.

Quality Construction

Injen/AMSOIL Gasoline Air Intake Systems are manufactured with aerospace alloy T6 aluminum, stainless steel clamps and tig-welded ports and brackets.  They are dyno-tuned for peak performance and have a direct bolt-in application, making installation quick and easy.

The Power Box was designed for advanced cooling efficiency and the ability to resist high temperatures.  The Power Box will not distort, unlike other plastic components that may lose their structural integrity over time.

AMSOIL Ea Air Filters and Injen

The addition of AMSOIL Ea Air Filters to these high-quality intake systems ensures the ultimate in protection and performance. AMSOIL Ea Diesel Intake Filters provide increased horsepower and torque, improved acceleration and fuel economy and maximum air flow. The high quality of the AMSOIL Ea Filter media offers long filter life because the filters can be cleaned and reused. Above all, Injen/AMSOIL Filters provide superior protection and maximum efficiency for engines.

Additional Information

When using a cold air intake system with a gasoline engine in harsh rains or flooding where the filter becomes submerged in water, the engine may ingest water potentially causing hydrolock and engine damage.  If possible, it is highly recommend to avoid puddles or flooding conditions.  Under normal driving conditions, rain is usually not a problem.

The AMSOIL Ea Pre Filters (EaPF) provide water resistant (not water proof) treatment for additional protection against water ingestion.   AMSOIL EaPF filters are available for most Injen/AMSOIL Power-Flow Gasoline Intake Systems.

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