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Amsoil Limited Warranty - Filters

AMSOIL INC. warrants each AMSOIL filter to be free from defects in material and workmanship during the period of service life recommended by AMSOIL INC. or the engine or equipment manufacturer. This warranty does not apply if the filter has been improperly installed, abused, damaged, used in competitive racing or on modified engines or if used in any aircraft or aviation application. AMSOIL INC. does not make filter recommendations for aircraft or aviation use. If your AMSOIL filter is found to be defective in material or workmanship during the period of service life recommended by the engine or equipment manufacturer or per AMSOIL recommendations, AMSOIL INC. will replace the defective filter with another AMSOIL filter or refund or credit the Dealerís or customerís account. AMSOIL will reimburse you for the reasonable costs of the parts and labor required to repair your engine or equipment to the extent the damage was solely attributable to a defect in your AMSOIL filter.

In order to obtain engine or equipment repairs under this warranty the Dealer or customer must directly contact AMSOIL Technical Service, AMSOIL INC., 1101 Susquehanna Ave., Superior WI 54880, Tel: 715-399-TECH (8324).

The customer must also allow the AMSOIL Technical Service Department to examine the filter and, if required, the engine or equipment, to determine the extent of damage and whether it was caused by a defective AMSOIL filter. The filter must be returned, in its original, undamaged condition, to the AMSOIL Technical Service Department for examination. This warranty is exclusive of any other warranty, express or implied. AMSOIL FILTRATION PRODUCTS EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBLITY AND OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The foregoing states the entire AMSOIL Filtration Productís exclusive liability and the buyerís exclusive and sole remedy for any damages or claim made in connection with the sale of an AMSOIL filter. AMSOIL Filtration Products shall in no event be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages whatsoever, except those specifically provided for in this warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.

See the Amsoil Limited Warranty - Lubricants.

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