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Commitment to Excellence Brochure



A Commitment to Excellence
in Synthetic Lubrication


Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio
Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio

As a jet fighter squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Albert J. Amatuzio had ample opportunity to witness synthetic lubricants in action. These oils are used exclusively in jet engines because of three extraordinary performance characteristics: an ability to reduce friction and wear on engine components, an ability to function dependably at severe temperature extremes and an ability to withstand rigorous and lengthy engine operation without chemical breakdown.

Recognizing that these same benefits would prove invaluable in combustion engines, Amatuzio began conducting serious research in 1963. By 1966 he had formulated a synthetic motor oil and put it to use in vehicles in northern Minnesota. Throughout the late ’60s Amatuzio continued his research and development and sold commercially available synthetic oils under a variety of names. In 1970 he incorporated his own name into a commercially sold product called AMMOIL. In 1971 this product name was changed to AMZOIL and it continued to be sold commercially. The true milestone came in 1972 when AMZOIL became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute criteria. The new lubricant performed like no other before it. When the first can of AMSOIL 10W-40 appeared on the market in 1972, it signaled the birth of an entire industry. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have expanded the boundaries of lubrication science and redefined the performance possibilities of modern machinery and engines.

Amsoil Leadership
Alan Amatuzio
Executive Vice President and COO
Albert J. Amatuzio
President and CEO
Dean Alexander
Executive Vice President and General Manager


Under the leadership of President Albert J. Amatuzio, along with Executive Vice President and COO Alan Amatuzio and Executive Vice President and General Manager Dean Alexander, AMSOIL remains the leader in synthetic lubrication technology.




...inspired by aerospace technology


Amsoil Products

...making history with synthetics

AMSOIL FORMULATES A WIDE SELECTION OF SYNTHETIC LUBRICATING OILS for all types of engine and gear applications, including those for specialized vehicles and severe operating conditions. In addition, AMSOIL has developed sophisticated fuel additives, filtration systems and other companion products that supplement and extend lubricant performance. All are distributed through a worldwide network of independent dealers.

This complete line of quality products is recognized by countless private motorists, fleet managers and industrial administrators as the best and most cost-effective choice for increasing engine performance, reducing maintenance and prolonging vehicle and equipment life.

1972 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil
1973 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
1974 Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
1975 SE, CC, CD Synthetic Diesel Oil
1975 Synthetic Hydraulic Oil
1975 Farm Tractor Synthetic Hydraulic/Transmission Fluid
1975 Power Foam
1976 Synthetic Reciprocating Compressor Oil
1976 Synthetic Reciprocating Compressor Oil
1976 Engine Oil Filters
1976 Synthetic Grease
1978 P.I. Fuel Additive
1978 85W-140 Synthetic Gear Lube
1978 20W-50 Synthetic Racing Oil
1978 M.P. Metal Protector
1979 Lifetime Air Filter
1979 Air Filter Foam Oil
1979 10W-40 Para-Synthetic Oil
1979 SAE 40 Synthetic Racing Oil
1979 15W-40 Gas & Diesel Para-Synthetic Oil
1980 Lifetime Pod Air Filter
1980 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
1980 Engine and Crankcase Cleaner
1982 Diesel Fuel Additive Concentrate
1982 Diesel Fuel Modifier
1982 Home Heating Fuel Extender
1982 By-Pass Oil Filter
1982 Silicone Shield Car Polish
1982 Vinyl & Leather Cleaner
1982 Vinyl & Leather Protectant
1982 Brite Side Whitewall Tire Cleaner
1982 Chrome Brite Cleaner & Polish
1982 Synthetic Marine Engine Oil
1983 TRIGARD Lifetime Oil Change System
1983 Heavy-Duty By-Pass Filter
1984 Synthetic Marine Gear Lube
1984 10W-30 Synthetic Turbo Oil
1984 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
1985 5W-30 Para-Synthetic Oil
1985 Synthetic 2-Cycle Injector Oil
1985 Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease & Synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease
1986 80W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube (GL-4)
1987 Spin-On By-Pass Oil Filters
1987 20W-40 Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil
1989 Synthetic Polymer Food Grade Grease
1990 Dual-GARD By-Pass Filter Mount
1990 BE-100 & BE-110 Spin-On By-Pass Oil Filters
1990 Rain Clear
1991 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil
1991 2-Stage Air Filter
1991 Biodegradable Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
1992 Dual Remote By-Pass Filtration System
1992 Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Additive
1993 Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner
1993 Propylene Glycol Antifreeze & Engine Coolant
1994 Non-Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner
1995 Series 2000 Synthetic 20W-50 Racing Oil
1995 Lure Gard Aqueous Rust Preventative
1995 Multi-Purpose Synthetic Spray Grease
1995 Pure Power Plus Multi-Purpose Cleaner
1995 Water Resistant Synthetic Grease
1995 Series 2000 Synthetic Racing Grease
1996 Miracle Wash
1996 Silicone Spray
1996 Series 2000 0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil
1996 Air Freshener Spray
1996 Pro-Formula Vinyl and Leather Cleaner
1996 Pro-Formula Vinyl and Leather Protectant
1996 Pro-Formula Metal Polish
1996 Pro-Formula Briteside
1996 Non-Flammable Rust Preventative
1996 Series 3000 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil
1997 AMSOIL Undercoat
1997 Pure Power Spot and Stain Remover
1997 PI Quick Shot
1997 Synthetic 5th Wheel & Open Gear Compound
1997 Series 2000 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Lube
1997 Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluid
1997 XL-7500 5W-30 and 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oils
1998 Series 2000 75W-140 Synthetic Gear Lube
1998 Series 2000 Octane Boost
1998 Gasoline Stabilizer
1998 Series 2000 Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil
1998 Series 2000 Synthetic Chaincase Lubricant
1999 Heavy Duty Metal Protector
2000 Fuel Filter/Water Separator
2000 Synthetic Motorcycle Oils
2000 Universal Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
2001 Shock Therapy Synthetic Suspension Fluid
2001 Synthetic Supershift Racing Transmission Fluid
2001 Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil
2001 XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil
2002 T-6 Cleaning Solution
2002 Motorcycle Oil Filters
2002 SCRUB Hand Cleaner
2003 XL-7500 Synthetic 10W-40 Motor Oil
2003 Slip-Lock Differential Additive
2003 INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
2003 Torque-Drive™ Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid
2004 DOMINATOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil
2004 HP Injector Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
2004 Saber Synthetic 100:1 Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oils
2004 5W-40 Synthetic European Motor Oil
2004 Power Sports Air Filters
2004 SCRUB Hand Cleaner with Pumice
2004 AMS-Oiler™ Pre-Charger
2004 SEVERE GEAR Synthetic 75W-90 and 75W-140 EP Gear Lubes
2004 Long Life Synthetic 75W-90 and 80W-140 Gear Lubes
2004 Marine Dual Remote Filtration System
2004 Foam Air Filter Cleaner
2005 Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube
2005 Synthetic Synchromesh Transmission Fluid
2005 Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube
2005 Formula 4-Stroke Marine Synthetic Motor Oils
2005 Ea Air Filters
2005 Ea Oil Filters
2006 Ea By-Pass Filters
2006 Engine Fogging Oil
2006 Ea Air Induction Filters
2006 Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Small Engine Oil
2006 Ea Motorcycle Air & Oil Filters
2006 Diesel Concentrate
2006 Diesel Cold Flow Improver
2006 Synthetic 5W-40 Premium Diesel Oil
2007 Severe Gear Synthetic 75W-110 EP Gear Lube
2007 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil
2007 10W-40 Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Scooter Oil
2007 Ea Racing Air Filters




THE AMSOIL CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, MANUFACTURING PLANTS, AND MAIN DISTRIBUTION CENTER are located in Superior, Wisconsin, with several regional warehouses strategically located throughout North America and overseas. These facilities cover a total of nearly 700,000 square feet.

The state-of-the-art lubricant production plant contains materials blending and bulk storage facilities, as well as highspeed bottling lines and packaging equipment. The main warehouse serves as the hub of a global distribution network; bottles, cases, drums and totes bearing the AMSOIL label are shipped worldwide. Capacity is geared to meet projected market demands decades away.

Amsoil Hard at Work

The AMSOIL administrative functions are centrally located and outfitted with the latest in communications and information processing equipment.

The entire complex is staffed by a cooperative, knowledgeable and well-disciplined team of approximately 300 employees.

...geared for the 21st century

Amsoil Warehouse Stock

Amsoil Office

Inside Amsoil


Research and Development

Amsoil Research

RESEARCH AND TESTING ARE HIGH PRIORITIES AT AMSOIL. The company’s research and development facilities are staffed by specialists in every facet of synthetic lubricant technology. The chemical and engine-test laboratories are well-equipped with the sensitive analytical instruments needed for design and development of the world’s finest oils.

Quality assurance test procedures are rigorous and begin with analysis of every raw material that enters the plant. Both during new product development and as a continuing control on the manufacturing process, AMSOIL lubricants are subjected to an exhaustive series of standardized industry tests, including those that measure film and shear strength, flashpoint, volatility and high- and low-temperature viscosity.

...expanding the technological frontier

Amsoil Research and Development
No other lubricant manufacturer in the world matches the high quality standards set by AMSOIL, and all AMSOIL synthetic lubricants exceed the industry’s most stringent specifications by a wide margin.


Field Testing

EVEN THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE LAB TESTING MUST BE VALIDATED IN THE FIELD. AMSOIL products are proven in intensive field demonstrations involving automobiles, trucks and commercial and industrial equipment in real-world service situations. Long-range studies have involved vehicles requiring the most severe lubricant applications: taxicabs, delivery fleets, police and emergency vehicles, over-the-road transports and heavy-duty construction and industrial machinery.

Results of tests performed under these extreme operating conditions demonstrate that AMSOIL products reduce engine wear, decrease maintenance time, maximize fuel efficiency and increase fleet cost effectiveness.

The final, conclusive proof of any lubrication product is, of course, the superior performance acknowledged by satisfied consumers and cost-conscious fleet managers.



...proven superior in actual service

Field Testing

Amsoil Fleet Testing

Amsoil Road Testing


Environmental Impact

Amsoil Protecting the Environment

AS OUR WORLD STRENGTHENS ITS ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES AND GRAPPLES WITH POLLUTION ISSUES, the ecological wisdom of using synthetic lubricants becomes obvious. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils outlast regular petroleum-based oils by as much as eleven times. These remarkably long drain intervals help ease the world’s wastedisposal problem: users of synthetics simply have much less oil and fewer plastic containers to deal with. The combined use of AMSOIL motor oil, AMSOIL Ea Air and Oil Filters and engine oil analysis greatly extends oil change intervals.

The superior lubricity of AMSOIL products means much less friction, drag and wear on critical engine parts. The resulting improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction of emission levels contribute to the conservation of natural resources and protection of the atmosphere. Additionally, AMSOIL has made the technology of biodegradability a top research priority, with encouraging recent successes.


...leaving a cleaner planet to our children

Amsoil Helping to Keep the Environment Clean for the Future
AMSOIL INC. is determined to meet the challenge of the lubrication industry’s environmental responsibilities head on. Our long-standing quality products lead the way to a greener, healthier planet for the next generation.


Our World Relies on Technology...

Amsoil Barrels Ready for Shipping

. . . to meet ever-increasing demands of transportation, manufacturing and industry. The use of high-quality synthetic lubricants to meet these demands has grown steadily. However, tomorrow’s needs will be different from today’s. AMSOIL INC. anticipates these needs and will remain on the leading edge of new developments.

As engineering and automotive technologies progress and generate higher-performance machinery, it is certain that synthetic lubrication will be the ONLY choice for most applications. AMSOIL will maintain its Commitment To Excellence and continue to set the standards by which other lubricants are judged.

AMSOIL has been the leader in quality synthetic lubrication for over three decades, and will continue to introduce dynamic and innovative products to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Amsoil Train Tankers


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