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Stepping Down as Organizer for the Central Florida HHO Meetup Group

As renewal for the Central Florida HHO Meetup Group I formed here in Orlando almost two years ago is coming up in a few days, and I’ve been doing a few other ventures lately, as well as interest in HHO having died down a bit publicly, I will be stepping down as Organizer. If someone would like to take it over, it has very good ranking when you look up HHO locally in Google. Last I checked it actually held the number one slot. Hopefully whoever takes over the reigns will have more time to organize things.

My original idea was to have monthly meetings where people show their systems, get together, and make a local club that could also appear at various events, car shows, etc. I’m still interested in being a member and making the events and Meetups that do get organized. I can connect the new Organizer with the person at the Coffee Shop we held our one meet at, if this was a good location for everyone.

As prices are creeping up again at the pump, I’m sure HHO curiosity will start to develop once more like the boom we had a few years ago and what got me more involved. I still am curious to see what is being produced and results people are getting. There were many systems that seemed promising including the HHO Monster system I was working with and Matt (the owner of HHO Monster) has on his vehicles and using with success, as well as the one Green Gas LLC was developing and having success with. Hopefully these developers keep pushing forward to make HHO a viable option for everyone in the future.

So if someone is interested in taking over and taking the group to the next level, let me know so I can “transfer command.”

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