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HHO, Oil Prices, and Higher MPG

It’s been a while since I have posted anything here about HHO. As time went on, since last working with the system on my Mustang, it seems the overall public curiosity has died down. My guess?  What someone once said to me:  we all have now gotten used to $2.70 per gallon. The next spike in HHO interest I’m guessing will be when the next gas crunch hits.

One theory I recently was told, is we may hit a big one around 2015. It seems the percentage of oil being pumped from the ground is going down every year. It’s not that it isn’t there, but the "pockets" that the wells are tapped into need to fill up from the oil around it in the ground, but this doesn’t happen as quickly as some of the pumping, so the one report I was told was because of this, the actual annual production decreases a bit each year with no new wells being built to tap the other resources and "pockets" that are full and available. There apparently is plenty of oil, it just involves the getting the technology to reach it, or even being allowed to build a well at all.  Because of this, there has been some early speculation that we might hit a gas crunch with barrels averaging around $150! This could mean $5-8 per gallon at the pumps, which spawned another theory that the high MPG engines we have now, like the diesel powered VW TDi that can push 50 MPG, will be in higher demand then and probably cost more as well. The person I was speaking with was speculating that if people are in the market for a new vehicle now, they might want to consider one of these types of vehicles and hybrids while they still are lower in cost and not as popular as the bigger vehicles. He also speculated that most manufacturers will probably get away from the larger V8 type engines in favor of the 4-cylinder turbos, where you can have the MPG of a smaller engine, but still the power of a bigger one when needed as the turbo spools up. Because of this, I also believe the bigger interest in HHO technology will be kicked off once more, probably as soon as the prices start to change. The last price increases caused the spike of interest, including my own.  Hopefully there will be some manufacturers and home builders that have perfected the systems even further by then.

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