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Bring Life Back to Your Engine and Transmission!

Amsoil is at it again, improving upon an older product making it better and more versatile.  This time they took a look at their Engine Flush and improved upon it by making it a multi-use formula.  Now this new Engine and Transmission Flush does just that, cleans your engine from deposits left by older oil, […]

New Transmission Fluid Now Available

New Low Viscosity Transmission Fluid is Officially Available In a previous blog you read about the new Automatic Transmission Fluid and it’s specs.  The official announcement was released the other day that it was available in warehouses as of June 1st.  This is a fuel efficient products designed to exceed the current requirements of GM, […]

Synthetic Low Viscosity Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid

Amsoil has posted the new Automatic Transmission Fluid on their Web Site mentioned in my last post. No official Press Release has been announced, but if it is readily listed and prices there, then I’m sure it’s in the warehouses and ready to be sold. Here are the details and technical specs from their Web […]

A Few Product Updates

In the past few weeks there have been a few small changes in products I thought I’d sum up here in a post: New Slip Lock™ Tube Packaging The Amsoil Slip Lock additive changed packaging and is no longer found in bottles but tubes.  Please note that tube packaging is indicated by the suffix TB. […]

AMSOIL Synthetic ATF Recommended for Latest Manufacturer Specifications

Automatic transmission technology has been quickly evolving over the past few years. Six-speed transmissions are becoming more common, and automakers are demanding higher quality, longer lasting transmission fluids to protect these transmissions. General Motors, for example, recently introduced its DEXRON® VI specification. Established to provide extra protection for 2006 vehicles equipped with sixspeed Hydra-Matic transmissions, […]

It Never Breaks Down in Your Driveway

AMSOIL Synthetic ATF and SEVERE GEAR™ Synthetic Gear Lubes Provide Maximum Protection for Severe Operating Conditions There is much to be done before leaving for a vacation, not the least of which is proper vehicle maintenance. Most people are aware of the importance of changing their motor oil, but many people overlook the importance of […]

A brief recap of Amsoil products in the past 2 years

Recently on one of the car forums I used to frequent on a regular basis and advertise on, I realized that I hadn’t made a post in a while.  After writing it, I thought it would be a good idea to post it here to give everyone who isn’t familiar with many of the Amsoil […]