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2008 Ford Expedition AMSOIL Dual Remote Filtration System Install

Do you have a Ford Expedition and have been thinking of installing the Amsoil Dual Remote Filtration System but were looking for ideas where?  Here is one that was recently sent in: The Dual Remote Filtration System (BMK23) was installed on a 2008 Ford Expedition equipped with a 5.4L V8. Since it’s 2WD, there is […]

AMSOIL Introduces 15,000-Mile Ea Oil Filters Filters

Amsoil released this information on why they have introduced new Ea Oil Filters that address some of the concerns of certain engines: Group includes reintroduction of Ea Oil Filters for several popular Toyota applications. Modern engine design trends have resulted in some vehicles that present multiple challenges to filtration engineers, especially those who are focused […]

Amsoil Reformulated XL Oil Now Rated for 10,000 Mile Oil Drains!

Amsoil has announced this month that they have a new formula for their XL Line of Synthetic Oils.  Previously this oil was rated for 7,500 mile or six month drains, but the new recommendation has extended this to 10,000 miles or more, if longer drains are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or oil analysis shows […]

Warning on Amsoil Oil Filters in Toyota, Lexus, Pontiac Vibe

Amsoil has released an announcement for anyone using their EaO9 and EaO10 Absolute Efficiency Oil Filter or planning to use one.  The most common applications are in the 1.8 liter Toyota built engine found in Toyota, Lexus, and the Pontiac Vibe.  Apparently these filters are getting clogged quickly with sludge produced by these engines.  Toyota […]

Video Post Showing a 2004 Honda CRV Conversion to Amsoil

About two weeks ago, it was time for my friend to get an oil change on the family Honda CRV. He’s been running Amsoil in his Tran Am for years, and the free changes the Dealership was offering since buying the car used were now up.  So he asked me to convert this car over […]

A Few Product Updates

In the past few weeks there have been a few small changes in products I thought I’d sum up here in a post: New Slip Lock™ Tube Packaging The Amsoil Slip Lock additive changed packaging and is no longer found in bottles but tubes.  Please note that tube packaging is indicated by the suffix TB. […]

Are Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oils and Filters for Your Bike?

I wrote this short article a few years ago for a magazine I was advertising in soon after the new Amsoil Motorcycle Oils and Filters were released and the White Papers that compared various popular brands to these new oils. It also was presented in one of our local Amsoil meetings and I believe a […]

AMSOIL Offers Additional Injen Air Intakes for BMW Vehicles

AMSOIL is now offering two new Injen Air Intake systems for BMW vehicles: AMSOIL/Injen Intake part #ASP1130 For 2008 BMW 535i 3.0L 6-cyl Engine Code N54 B30A Twin Turbo AMSOIL/Injen Intake part #ASP1125 For 2007 – 2009  BMW 335i 3.0L 6-cyl Twin Turbo For 2008 – 2009 BMW 135i 3.0L 6-cyl Twin Turbo

AMSOIL Announces Availabilty of EaO50 Oil Filter

In late November, AMSOIL depleted its inventory of EaO47 Filters and discontinued the product until the next generation could be fully developed. Now, AMSOIL introduces the replacement for the EaO47, the EaO50. The EaO50 carries the following applications: 2007, 2008, and 2009 GM vehicles with, 4.8L V8, 5.3L V8, 6.0L V8, 6.2L V8, & 7.0L […]

More on Amsoil and SEMA; Car Wins 1st Place

There were several vehicles on display at the 2008 SEMA show that featured Amsoil logos and products, with one even winning 1st place in the annual Scion Tuner Challenge.  Here are some pictures: About the Winning Scion Tuner Challenge car taken from the Amsoil Blog: John Pangilinan is no stranger to winning car builds. His […]