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Bring Life Back to Your Engine and Transmission!

Amsoil is at it again, improving upon an older product making it better and more versatile.  This time they took a look at their Engine Flush and improved upon it by making it a multi-use formula.  Now this new Engine and Transmission Flush does just that, cleans your engine from deposits left by older oil, […]

Another Interval Change Due to Problems

Earlier this summer I pointed out that Amsoil had released a notification that there had been a change in their interval recommendation on the oil filter for a certain Toyota engine.  Well, there is another change in diesel oil intervals in some trucks due to the contamination these engines are putting into the oil weakening […]

A Few Product Updates

In the past few weeks there have been a few small changes in products I thought I’d sum up here in a post: New Slip Lock™ Tube Packaging The Amsoil Slip Lock additive changed packaging and is no longer found in bottles but tubes.  Please note that tube packaging is indicated by the suffix TB. […]

Two New Amsoil CJ-4 Diesel Oils with Extended Drain Intervals

Well, one isn’t new, but it has been reformulated.  For a few years now Amsoil has had their Premium API CJ-4 Synthetic 5W-40 Diesel Oil (DEO) to address the newer diesel engines meeting the emissions required since 2007.  Now added to this line of oils comes Amsoil’s Premium API CJ-4 Synthetic 15W-40 Diesel Oil (DME).  […]

NEW Amsoil Diesel Recovery Emergency Fuel Treatment

AMSOIL Diesel Recovery quickly dissolves gelled fuel, thaws frozen fuel filters and reduces the need for a new filter, saving both money and an inconvenient trip to a parts store. Performs well in all diesel fuels, including ULSD, off-road and biodiesel. Cheap insurance against frozen fuel. Product Description AMSOIL Diesel Recovery (DRC) is an emergency […]

AMSOIL Teams Up with Injen to Produce Co-Branded Diesel Intake Systems

AMSOIL INC. has launched a new line of co-branded Injen/AMSOIL Power-Flow series Diesel Air Intake Systems.  The addition of this line of air intakes features the innovative patent pending Variable Induction Technology, Diesel Power-Box and a dry media Ea nanofiber technology air filter from AMSOIL. The Injen/AMSOIL Powerflow Diesel Intake kits will initially be available […]

September 2007 Amsoil/Technilube.com Newsletter

Some of you already on my mailing list may have received this in your inbox already, but I’m reposting it here for anyone else interested.  If you would like to start receiving my newsletters, let me know. Mike Comments from Me Hello Everyone, It’s been far too long since my last newsletter.  Most of my […]

Diesel Passenger Vehicles Making a Comeback

Over the years, Americans and Europeans have been worlds apart when it comes to diesel vehicles. Diesel passenger vehicles have been popular in Europe for years, and they become increasingly more popular each year. In fact, according to a survey performed by Eurocarprice.com and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, diesel car sales in Europe are on pace to […]

Some more new products

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog, or sent out a newsletter for those of you on my mailing list from my Web Site.  I thought I’d post a few brief announcements of new products that are now available and coming up from Amsoil. The latest is a new diesel oil.  The Amsoil […]

New Amsoil Products

Here are some new products just released by Amsoil for diesel applications.  You can get more information from my Web Site (www.Technilube.com) or the Amsoil Corporate Web Site. ———————————————————— EaAM24 Motorcycle Air Filter The new EaAM24 Motorcycle Air Filter bridges the gap from American Iron to Metric V-twin cruisers and is designed to fit on […]