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Are Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oils and Filters for Your Bike?

I wrote this short article a few years ago for a magazine I was advertising in soon after the new Amsoil Motorcycle Oils and Filters were released and the White Papers that compared various popular brands to these new oils. It also was presented in one of our local Amsoil meetings and I believe a few Dealers might have used it in some of their own promotional material. Today I stumbled across my original copy and thought I’d reprint it here and try to claim a little of the credit for it:

Are Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oils and Filters for Your Bike?

Today most riders have at least heard about Amsoil Motorcycle Oils. Amsoil was the company to develop the first API rated synthetic oil on the market. Today many OEM fluids are synthetic and all the major oil manufacturers have one. “Synthetic oil” is now associated with quality.

Last year Amsoil reformulated their Motorcycle Oils, offering the most advanced oil on the market. Common feedback when switching over is a smoother engine and lower operating temperatures.

To show how well the new oils perform, Amsoil contracted an Independent Lab to perform standard ASTM tests comparing their oils and other popular brands, such as Bel-Ray EXS, BMW, Castrol V-Twin, Golden Spectro 4, Mobil 1 V-Twin, Royal Purple Max-Cycle, Screaming Eagle Syn3, and more. The results are available in a White Paper. In some cases Amsoil didn’t perform as well as other brands, but overall, they outperformed them all. Tests included High Temperature/High Shear Viscosity, important for protection of bearings during high temperature operation; Wear Protection, used to measure the robustness of oil minimizing wear during metal-to-metal contact; Volatility, measuring how much oil evaporates causing an increase in consumption and viscosity. Another benefit of this formula is its Rust Protection characteristics. The oil also has a Gear Lube rating, making it an even better choice for all cavities. Amsoil was ranked as number one overall by the lab.

In July Amsoil jumped further into the motorcycle market by upgrading their existing Motorcycle Oil Filters to their new Ea technology. “Ea” stands for “Absolute Efficiency.” These filters use nanofiber technology, currently used in Abrams M1 Tanks and other heavy duty applications. They outperform the best cellulose/synthetic blend media of any other filter on the market, by capturing smaller particles with less flow restriction. These filters have an “absolute” efficiency of 98.7 percent at 15 microns. Check some of the other brands, and they offer a “nominal” rating, which is a much lower percentage of capture.

The new Ea Motorcycle Air Filters use this same technology in a reusable dry filter. These filters have a four year service life and offer superior filtration, higher holding capacity while still providing high flow characteristics. They are available for 1988 to 2006 Harley Davidson models including those equipped with S&S carburetors and cleaner housings.

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