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AMSOIL OE Synthetic Oil Offers Quality at a Low Price

As most of you reading this blog know, AMSOIL was the first API rated full synthetic oil on the market in 1972 with Mobil 1 following up a few years.  And as we have seen, nearly every oil maker now offers some type of synthetic oil and many OE manufacturers are requiring synthetics in their products.  Amsoil paved the way for the synthetic market.  But one thing most lubricant makers haven’t ventured into is the extended drain intervals that AMSOIL offers.  My guess is because of the additional costs to make a better quality product that is capable of running longer.  Mobil 1 did originally, but then dropped that recommendation when changing their formula to compete with the many other lower cost regular interval synthetics that began to emerge.  A few years ago they ventured back into it with their Extended Performance line, which now offers 15,000 mile drains, but is only recommended for vehicles out of warranty.  AMSOIL offers their warranty on any mechanically sound vehicle, even those that just drove off of the showroom floor.

But the synthetic market is still small, with a very small percentage of owners actually using it, and then a very small percentage of that using any sort of extended drain oil.  Approximately 92% of the market using synthetics are buying oils that still recommend the standard 3000 mile drain or maybe longer, depending on the recommendations of vehicle manufacturer.  And since AMSOIL oils fall into this small percentage within synthetics, and all the other manufacturers are benefitting from the whole idea that AMSOIL created, AMSOIL is now releasing a new line of oil to take back the market from the other brands.

IMG_0837Enter AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil!  This new oil is designed to be a standard drain oil, which can vary from 3000 miles on up, again depending on what the vehicle manufacturer recommends.  This oil is made up of the same quality components that the new line of AMSOIL XL is using, only it does not have the “Extended Drain Boost Technology” of additives for the 10,000 mile drain.  This addresses the concerns of some who are hesitant taking advantage of any type of extended drain oil, change their oil regardless, don’t drive much, or the price concern some have that Amsoil costs a bit more than other brands.  While I can explain the amount of savings the other lines of AMSOIL offer, drains up to 35,000 miles, and how inexpensive this makes the oil to use over time, for some the initial purchase, drains, or both, are still a concern.  AMSOIL OE is then the oil of choice!  At under $6 per quart, it will retail right in line with other synthetics, and with the wholesale buying options available, it doesn’t cost much more than some of good quality petroleum oils!  This means it is possible to get a quality AMSOIL Synthetic Oil change for $30 or less!

Like the AMSOIL XL line, AMSOIL OE meets all of the latest specs: SN, ILSAC GF-5, as well as GM dexos1 (5W-30).  I’m expecting this oil to become a very popular seller.  Watch out Mobil 1, Castrol Syntec, Valvoline SynPower, and Quaker State Horse Power!  You entered the synthetic market to get a piece of the pie.  Now AMSOIL is looking at the imitators and going to take that part you carved for yourselves back.

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