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Amsoil Announces Price Increases, but BP and Valvoline Announce Higher Ones

We all hate to see increases in the prices of stuff we use and like and in the current economy it is always another blow when we don’t seem to be making any more money, but the stuff we use keeps going up.  Gas prices are one we all know about.  All these increases end up trickling down and then trickling from our wallets. 

Amsoil is aware of this and hates increases as much as we do, and is one of the reasons they hold off as long as possible.  I’ve even been told they will take a hit in shipping costs just to try and help get products into our hands.

But after about a year of Amsoil prices holding steady, they announced an increase earlier this year taking place beginning of March.  Some of you might have read my post about this on my Amsoil Facebook Page.  But Amsoil is not the only one with increases, many of the other oil manufacturers are doing the same.  Most recently announced was BP and Valvoline with an average increase of about 8% for all their oil, both petroleum and synthetic.  Fortunately as the new pricing has come out for us Amsoil Dealers, not everything is going up.  For example the newly released Amsoil OE Oils have remained unchanged.  And the Amsoil XL oils will only be increasing roughly 2%.  In fact, the highest increase for Amsoil is about 4%, half of the others. 

Now considering that BP (Castrol) and Valvoline both use a Group III petroleum base stock for their synthetic and are increasing by 8% and Amsoil’s equivalent OE and XL oils changing very little, if at all, the Amsoil increase is really not much of a factor.  The Amsoil OE oils are made with the highest quality Group III base and are designed to compete with this market in the same pricing and interval drains.  The Amsoil XL oils have been designed for Extended Life with 10,000 mile or six month drains.  And then the Original Amsoil oil line still offers 25,000 mile or one year drains and the Signature Series oil up to 35,000, the modest increase is nominal for what you are getting.  Especially when considering the other manufacturers are raising by 8% for a normal drain oil.  Do the math and decide which drain works best for you and by cost, Amsoil still comes out on top.

The following article comes from Lube and Greases with their report on the price increase by BP and Valvoline:

Valvoline, BP Hike Lube Prices
By George Gill

Ashland’s Valvoline and BP’s Castrol joined the ranks of U.S. lubricant suppliers that recently notified customers of finished lubricant price mark ups, echoing others in citing increased costs for raw materials.

Valvoline customers received letters Jan. 13 outlining price increases averaging up to 8 percent effective Feb. 14, varying by sku and segment.

“This price adjustment is a result of various market factors, including cost increases in base stocks and other raw materials,” Valvoline’s letter stated.

BP Lubricants USA in a Jan. 20 letter informed customers that Castrol would increase prices up to 8 percent effective March 7 on all passenger cars, motorcycle, commercial and ancillary products, including synthetics, in all package types.

In its notice, BP pointed to the increase in base oil and other raw material costs in the marketplace. “Due to the current volatility in the market, additional increases should be anticipated,” its letter stated.


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