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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers are a safe and effective alternative to high analysis chemical fertilizers.

AGGRAND uses only the highest-quality ingredients in its products. Greenhouse and field experiments are conducted to validate the use of these ingredients. Then different fertilizer formulations and rates are compared to compute the optimum fertility for each plant type. Finally, research is conducted to compare AGGRAND fertilizer to competing products. This allows AGGRAND to be confident that it is manufacturing the best, most effective liquid fertilizers in the industry.

Homeowners, lawn care specialists and commercial growers alike are recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility as they tend to their gardens, lawns and crops. They understand that their homes, businesses and farms will be judged according to the appearance of their gardens, landscapes and fields. They also want products that are safe to use and perform well. As a result, more and more homeowners, lawn care services, turf managers and commercial growers are turning to AGGRAND Natural Products.

Visit the Web Site at:  AltruHealth.com

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