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About This Blog

Welcome to the Blog for Technilube.com.  If you’ve come here through one of the various blog promotion links, you know what this will most likely cover.  If you just stumbled upon the blog, let me give you an idea what to expect:

I am a distributor for Premium Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants and Filters.  Amsoil has been the leader in synthetic fluid technology for over 35 years and has promoted extended drains on many of their motor oils of up to 35,000 miles or one year.  Besides these excellent products, I am also able to assist in getting other brands such as Wix filters, Donaldson filters, Mann-Filter filters, Trico Wipers, NGK Plugs and Wires, Mother’s Car Care and Marine Care products, and Injen Air Intakes which features the Amsoil Ea Air Filters.

I distribute and work closely with HHO Monster, providing Hydrogen Injection systems for cars, trucks, fleets and more.  These are more commonly known as HHO systems, since they use water (HHO) and break out the oxygen and hydrogen (HHO), which gets fed into the engine and used in addition with gas to provide an alternative fuel mixture, reducing the consumption of gasoline and saving money.

Both of these products also address the current concerns of protecting the environment. With Amsoil, using less oil by running extended drains, reduces the large amounts of waste products that occur with the false promotions of 3000 mile drains. It is also not uncommon to notice and increase in MPG when switching over to Amsoil products.  It lessons our dependency on foreign oil by reducing the demand for it. It also helps to keep your engines clean, reducing deposits that can effect emissions.  Amsoil is the original “green” oil.  And of course, the biggest benefit of all is keeping more money in your pocket by needing to buy less oil for changes, and less fuel to drive!

Other topics of discussions would be other products I sell: Mustang Eyewear, FilterMag, Atrum Products, and Aggrand Fertilizers.

Altrum and Aggrand are divisions of Amsoil Incorporated, providing better health options for your body and organic products for your garden.

Mustang Eyewear…well, if you’re a Mustang owner, you’ll just look cool!

FilterMag is a great product using higher power magnets that attaches to your oil filter, transmission pan, or rear end to help catch fine metal particles that may be floating around in the fluid that a filter might not be able to catch.  It’s a simple and inexpensive way to add additional, reusable protection from unwanted wear.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Don’t forget to add the RSS link so as to not miss a post and share or “like” information with others you think may be interested on your favorite social networking site.