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HHO, Oil Prices, and Higher MPG

It’s been a while since I have posted anything here about HHO. As time went on, since last working with the system on my Mustang, it seems the overall public curiosity has died down. My guess?  What someone once said to me:  we all have now gotten used to $2.70 per gallon. The next spike […]

Winter Two-Stroke Performance

AMSOIL DOMINATOR and INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Oils provide exceptional performance in snowmobile and other two-stroke equipment.  AMSOIL DOMINATOR is formulated with heavier base oils for “on the edge” operation, while also protecting pistons and bearings subjected to the rigors of extreme riding. AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR is engineered specifically for power-sports applications and engines equipped with exhaust […]

Winter Four-Stroke Performance

Conventional oils thicken in the cold, which can result in inadequate lubrication to critical engine parts at cold start-up, or even prevent the engine from starting. AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Synthetic Motor Oil provides serious protection and performance in four-stroke engines, including ATVs and snowmobiles.  It’s broad 0W-40 viscosity rating effectively protects in both […]

AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil

AMSOIL Engine Fogging Oil offers superior film retention, providing long-term protection against corrosion and dry starts, extending engine life and reducing operating expenses.  It’s aerosol spray formulation offers easy and clean application, while reaching more components and offering complete distribution of the oil, something especially beneficial in applications with horizontal cylinder orientation, such as outboard […]

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer reduces the oxidation that occurs when fuel is stored for extended periods, improving performance, extending equipment life and decreasing maintenance expenses. During storage, fluctuations in ambient temperatures can form condensation within the engine that can cause surface corrosion on cylinder liners, piston rings, anti-friction bearings and steel/iron contact surfaces on rotational seals.  […]

Are You Prepared for Winter? AMSOIL Can Help.

As the weather now starts to get cooler, and it’s welcome after the hot months here in Florida, this makes for excellent motorcycle and convertible weather.  But for some of you up north, very soon this will mean that it’s time to put these toys away for the winter.  The fall months are the time […]

Have You Had a Good AMSOIL Experience?

Now that I’ve been setting up my AMSOIL booth publicly again, I’ve had people come up to me and tell me their experiences with AMSOIL, how it saved their engine, cooler temps on their motorcycles, etc.  These range from things they have noticed, to major issues that were prevented.  I’ll start off my experience: Back […]

Toolbar Updated, Order Online Now!

While my Web Site is still behind the times on some information (and I want to redo it once again), and the growing popularity of social networking and connecting with more people this way lately, I have been focusing my attention on getting the various social sites up to par.  But while not really a […]

Amsoil Official Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 1, 2010 AMSOIL Reformulates XL Synthetic Oils with Extended Drain Boost AMSOIL announces the reformulation of its Extended Life XL Synthetic Motor Oils, now available in four different viscosities with a bold new packaging design. The new XL oils contain Extended Drain Boost for longer service life in keeping with the […]

Working with My Facebook Page

A few years ago I made a Facebook Page for my business, but never did much more with it as I wasn’t sure what to do, and my MySpace page was my main social networking business site.  Recently I read some interesting statistics about Facebook, and as I’ve been drifting away from MySpace, like so […]