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Oil Quality in the News Again, Many Failing Specs

Last week one of the e-newsletters I get, the Lube Report, printed a report on some testing done by the Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) that found several oils claiming to meet certain new specs, really didn’t.  The viscosity tested was a 5W-30, and some were out of this range when tested.  Also they […]

Bumble Bee Logo is Out

If you haven’t seen it already, we have a logo for Bumble Bee Auto Sales now.  Start watching for this guy to be racing around the internet in the near future when you do searches.  Hopefully he’ll stir up a bit of a “buzz.”

Jumping Through the Legal Hoops

The continuation of my “Realty Blog” of getting into the car sales business.  A lot has been happening in this process to get Bumble Bee Auto Sales up and running.  Most I’m not sure of, since my partner is more familiar with the ins and outs and I will be learning a lot from him […]

Look Out For the Bumble Bee!

Where has Mike been for a while?  Well, he’s been busy.  Not all of it has been business related, some has been personal drama (we’ll leave that out here), and some of it is the contract work I’ve been doing for the past year and meeting deadlines.  I have been working my Amsoil business as […]

No More Mustang Eyewear

I’m sad to say that Mustang Eyewear Sunglasses will no longer be available.  While being excellent quality and I’ve had a pretty good following as more people found out that I sold them, the actual overall demand I guess never caught on as well as the main company had hoped and what they had experienced […]