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How to be Scammed by the “One Arm Bandit!”

Saw this one at a show a few years back. At some point those of us who have been interested in our vehicles and watched late night infomercials about oil additives have seen the unbelievable claims some companies have tried to promote.  In some cases they show an engine running forever with no oil in […]

Bring Life Back to Your Engine and Transmission!

Amsoil is at it again, improving upon an older product making it better and more versatile.  This time they took a look at their Engine Flush and improved upon it by making it a multi-use formula.  Now this new Engine and Transmission Flush does just that, cleans your engine from deposits left by older oil, […]

Save Your Small Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Engines with Amsoil Quickshot SE

For those of you with small engines and powersports equipment, you know the hazards of poor quality fuel and what it can do to an engine:  carbon build up, rough idling, poor response, etc.  And now with ethanol in the fuel, and maybe more being added over the years, this poses additional problems by having […]

Amsoil Releases More Grease!

Amsoil is pushing more into the truck market with yet two more greases, Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease.  These are available in NLGI #1 and NLGI #2.  Both offer extreme-pressure performance and and wear protection, as well as the extended intervals Amsoil is famous for, to address the needs of medium and […]