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The HHO Monster Dry Cell System in a 1999 Mustang GT – Part 5

Today I did a little work on the HHO System in my Mustang.  As I mentioned in Part 4 I received the new PWM and LCD display to replace the one that came with my current system from HHO Monster.  These new units are what are being shipped with this system now and provide a […]

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizers Growing Popularity

In one of the latest newsletters I received, it was pointed out how much Aggrand sales have increased on these products as more people are becoming aware of the cost effectiveness and better crops they have been getting.  With the attention turning more towards organic options, Aggrand has positioned themselves to be a major contender […]

The HHO Monster Dry Cell System in a 1999 Mustang GT – Part 4

Results So Far and Upcoming Changes Nothing. I’ll be honest, but as I said, Matt is seeing a 30% increase on his Toyota, in Italy he saw a 25% increase. We are shipping several of these systems to South America because of positive results they have been getting, with a cab fleet possibly ordering to […]

The HHO Monster Dry Cell System in a 1999 Mustang GT – Part 3

More Inside the Car I installed a simple kill switch so I can turn the entire system on and off. A typical install would have the accessory wire that turns it on, connected to a fuel pump so the system is only creating hydrogen while the engine is running. You don’t want to sit in […]

The HHO Monster Dry Cell System in a 1999 Mustang GT – Part 2

Into the Intake, the PWM, and Inside the Car The tube heading into the engine has a flash suppressor, should there be a backfire, it will be caught here and protect the flame from reaching the resevoir which will be holding more hydrogen. This is a pretty safe system overall, hydrogen does not get stored, […]

The HHO Monster Dry Cell System in a 1999 Mustang GT – Part 1

I’m finally getting around to putting a post up about the HHO Monster Dual Dry Cell system I installed in my Mustang recently. The most difficult part about installing one of these systems is finding locations for the various parts. Now that that is complete, all seems to be working well and it’s a matter […]

GM Volt gets 360 MPG! Nissan Leaf gets 367 MPG! Misleading? And Lamborghini too?

Okay, if any of you are on Twitter getting automotive feeds, there has been a lot of hype and chatter going around since GM announced that their Volt will get an estimated 360 MPG.  Not to be outdone, Nissan jumped on the bandwagon soon after announcing that their Leaf will get 367 MPG and will […]

Warning on Amsoil Oil Filters in Toyota, Lexus, Pontiac Vibe

Amsoil has released an announcement for anyone using their EaO9 and EaO10 Absolute Efficiency Oil Filter or planning to use one.  The most common applications are in the 1.8 liter Toyota built engine found in Toyota, Lexus, and the Pontiac Vibe.  Apparently these filters are getting clogged quickly with sludge produced by these engines.  Toyota […]

Haven’t Mentioned Mustang Eyewear Sunglasses Recently

This past week I started teaching myself a little more there is to know about WordPress.  This is the blogging software I use for this blog.  Once you get the hang of it and the way you have your blog layout setup, it’s easy to keep up with.  I also read you can use it […]

First Meetup of the Central Florida Hydrogen Injection Enthusiasts is a Huge Success!

For our first Meetup it turned out pretty good.  We had approx. 10+ people show.  Green Gas LLC was there, telling us some of their experiments they have worked on and how they started as just enthusiasts like the rest of us.   Also Barrett, who’s been doing various experimenting for years and works with a […]