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Central Florida Hydrogen Injection Enthusiasts Meetup Group

This week week after sharing an idea with Matt, from HHO Monster this past weekend, we started a Central Florida Meetup Group using the services provided by Meetup.com, called Hydrogen Injection Enthusiasts (HHO). The  group was started to get people from the area together who are interested in using hydrogen injection as an alternate form […]

Looking for Hydrogen Injection System Installers

Got back last night from the three day HHO Games in St. Petersburg, Florida where there were a lot of seminars dealing with the creation of hydrogen on demand to aid in combustion to increase gas mileage.  While some still say it isn’t possible and a scam, it’s hard to not believe and tell the […]

Video Post Showing a 2004 Honda CRV Conversion to Amsoil

About two weeks ago, it was time for my friend to get an oil change on the family Honda CRV. He’s been running Amsoil in his Tran Am for years, and the free changes the Dealership was offering since buying the car used were now up.  So he asked me to convert this car over […]

Maxim Honda Pulls Customers Away From the Competition With AMSOIL

Maxim Motor Sport is a busy Honda Dealership located in Allen, Texas.  They recently started to carry Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oils and saw their customers and sales increase.  Unfortunately they are not one of my accounts, but it is good to note the successes some of your competition might be experiencing if you are not […]

NOACK Volatility Test (Part 2)

Modern engine designs generate more heat than ever, accentuating the importance of the NOACK volatility test for determining an oil’s ability to provide an adequate level of protection and performance. More horsepower, turbo chargers and aerodynamic styling have created extremely hot environments that receive less cooling from outside air, and high heat leads to oil […]

NOACK Volatility Test (Part 1)

The NOACK Volatility Test is a Critical Measurement of Motor Oil Quality AMSOIL was the first motor oil company in North America to use the NOACK volatility test to measure motor oil quality and performance. Although competing motor oil companies initially paid no attention to NOACK results, the test has since become a critical measurement […]

New Rules for Filter Disposal in North Carolina

October 1st a new law will become active in North Carolina banning the disposal of used oil filters by individuals and companies in the trash.  They will now need to be disposed of properly in order to keep them from winding up in landfills and causing contamination from the oil still trapped within.  A reminder […]