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President Obama Signs the “Cash for Clunkers” Bill

On of the transportation e-newsletters I get had this information posted this morning I thought I’d share with everyone: Obama Signs ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Bill By Light & Medium Truck President Barack Obama signed into law a $1 billion program to encourage drivers to buy more fuel-efficient cars and trucks, Bloomberg News reported. The so-called […]

AGGRAND Natural Lawn and Garden Products (Part 4)

How to get AGGRAND? If you are looking to simply purchase a few bottles, I can get them for you, just like AMSOIL products.  If you would like to use it more around your house, or your company, like AMSOIL, there are wholesale programs available.  If you already have an account with AMSOIL, your already […]

AGGRAND Natural Lawn and Garden Products (Part 3)

So What Exactly is Available? Natural Organic Fertilizer 4-3-3 Naturally Effective Excellent results on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, trees, and crops Effective as either a foliar feed or soil application Demonstrated performance in the commercial fruit and vegetable market Enhances plant vigor which contributes to disease and stress resistance Convenient liquid concentrate Natural Organic Liquid […]

AGGRAND Natural Lawn and Garden Products (Part 2)

Benefits of Using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer USDA Organic approval Over 3 to 1 lower input cost per acre compared with chemical fertilizers Increased yields and higher quality crops Improved soil conditions that attract earthworms and their byproducts Advantages associated with using the natural organic approach Most chemical fertilizers are actually made from petroleum chemicals and […]

AGGRAND Natural Lawn and Garden Products (Part 1)

AMSOIL has fertilizer? When I first became an Amsoil Dealer, one of the things that surprised me was a brochure and price list in my kit showing ALTRUM Vitamins and Supplements and AGGRAND Natural Lawn and Garden Products.  What the heck does this have to do with oil?  ALTRUM is a separate health division of […]

The Shipping Department

Just letting everyone know that all of your orders and shipments are diligently inspected before going out.  Here you can see Sammie making sure that the Post Office is producing quality shipping material to protect your products.  If it doesn’t pass Sammie’s stringent requirements, he won’t let it leave.

More from the Tuner Market

Those of you following closely the Import scene, also known as the Tuner Market, are probably familiar with the name Tony Nguyen and is 1993 Mazda RX-7.  He was recently featured in a five page spread within Super Street magazine.  His car features a 13B-REW motor that he’s pushed the power up from 276 horsepower […]

New Transmission Fluid Now Available

New Low Viscosity Transmission Fluid is Officially Available In a previous blog you read about the new Automatic Transmission Fluid and it’s specs.  The official announcement was released the other day that it was available in warehouses as of June 1st.  This is a fuel efficient products designed to exceed the current requirements of GM, […]

Maintenance Considered Important to Vehicle Owners

The 3M “Elbow Grease Economics” study of 1,835 American car owners found that they are placing a higher priority on vehicle maintenance than in the past.  The report showed that: 30% of those surveyed found it a challenge to keep their vehicles running without some sort of high cost repair at a shop or doing […]