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Amsoil Price Changes

Just a heads up for those who might be interested in getting Amsoil in the future.  They have announced to us that there will be a price increase as of October 1st.  I don’t know yet which products will be effected and by how much, but they have informed us of the increased costs of […]

New Amsoil Web Site

I have finally completed most of the major changes to my Amsoil Web Site.  It should be easier to navigate now to find what you are interested in.  Things are also broken up into sections, so if you are interested in linking to a particular one, it is easier to find in the future.  For […]

Amsoil EaAB Crankcase Breather Filters

EaAB Crankcase Breather Filters provide excellent oil vapor control, increased efficiency and superior engine performance in street rod and racing applications. EaAB Filters are a perfect complement to EaAR Filters, ensuring superior air filtration in high-performance and severe-service applications. Why Are Crankcase Breathers Necessary? Pressure builds in the engine crankcase due to vapor from hot […]