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Official Amsoil Press Releases

Restore Power and Performance with Newly Reformulated AMSOIL P.I. Gasoline Additive Newly reformulated AMSOIL P.I. (Performance Improver) provides unsurpassed fuel economy and performance. Today’s fuels vary in quality and additive treat levels.  Although a certain level of detergent additive is required by law to be formulated into gasoline, cost restrictions cause refineries to use low […]

New Amsoil 0W-20 Motor Oil!

Well we’ve been waiting for a while for Amsoil to release something that would meet the 5W-20 requirements that many manufacturers like Ford and Honda have been using for a few years now.  We have one in the XL line of oil, but this oil is only rated for 7500 miles/six months (longer if OEM […]