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New Amsoil Products Update from PRI

I just wanted to give everyone a brief update on the new products Amsoil has coming out and the latest updates I was told last night at our Amsoil Meeting at the PRI Show. As posted in my previous blog, the Amsoil/Injen diesel intakes have been delayed with a March release date planned as they […]

Delay with the Amsoil/Injen Intakes

As some of you know from me talking to you, there are new performance intakes coming out in a joint effort between Amsoil and Injen for the diesel market.  These were due for release this month, but there has been a delay.  Below are the details I was given.  Expect to see them soon. 11-29-2007 […]

Now carrying Trico Heavy Duty Wipers

Recently Amsoil extended the lines of Trico Wipers I am now able to get to include their Heavy Duty Commercial Line: TRICO Heavy Duty Wiper Blades TRICO offers the widest selection of heavy-duty wiper products on the market today, with products for virtually all heavy-duty truck, bus and recreational vehicle applications. All TRICO Heavy Duty […]

The loss of a loved one. Goodbye Jake….

I’ve never done anything personal in my blog before, but over the weekend we had a sad event effect my wife and I, and I feel compelled to write about. One of our cats, Jake, who was introduced to me by my wife and moved in about 7 years ago, and who she had had […]

SEMA – AMSOIL & Injen Partner for Diesel Intake System

The news is now out.  The AMSOIL/Injen partnership was announced at SEMA and is already drawing attention.  From the Amsoil Site: “According to one industry publisher, the AMSOIL Injen press conference this afternoon proved to be one of the most exciting events at this year’s SEMA. Hosted in the Injen booth, the news of a […]

Check out this video: Amsoil Ea Air Filters

Here is the video that explains about the Amsoil Ea Air Filters with nanofiber technology that offers the best filtration and flow on the market today. These are available for many OEM applications with more being released all the time (several due by the end of the year). Also there are the Ea Universal Air […]

Amsoil/Technilube.com: The Sum of Its Parts – The Products

Amsoil: The Sum of Its Parts – The Products

Amsoil/Technilube.com: Sum of Its Parts – The Company

Amsoil: Sum of Its Parts – The Company

Amsoil/Technilube.com: Sum of Its Parts – The Opportunity

Amsoil: Sum of Its Parts – The Opportunity

Amsoil PI Fuel Treatment Testimonials

A lot of testimonials have been exchanged recently on the new Amsoil PI Fuel Treatement that was released earlier this year.  I thought I’d pass on some of these as well as listing some more data on the products for those interested.  It’s not that it helps to gain power, but it helps to clean […]