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Products for All Applications

Products for All Applications

Power • Protection • Fuel Economy

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Lawnmower & Small Engine Lawnmowers & Small Engines

AMSOIL lubricants offer the best protection for lawn, garden, garage and machine shop tools. With AMSOIL motor oils, small engines start better and last longer.

Farming & Agriculture Farming & Agriculture

AMSOIL products reduce maintenance and fuel costs. AMSOIL ensures tractors, trucks and all types of farming equipment will run better and last longer.

Manufacturing Manufacturing

AMSOIL lubricants reduce downtime, conserve energy and reduce maintenance costs. AMSOIL lubricants last longer and provide unsurpassed wear protection.

Diesel Trucks & Delivery Fleets Diesel Trucks & Delivery Fleets

AMSOIL Diesel Oils reduce maintenance costs, improve fuel efficiency and decrease downtime. Statistics have shown AMSOIL Diesel Oils increase fuel economy by an average of 8.2 percent.

Construction Construction

AMSOIL products keep tractors, dozers and heavy equipment in optimal operating condition at all temperature extremes. AMSOIL lubricants dramatically reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Logging Industry Logging Industry

AMSOIL motor oils protect engines and components in the most abusive operating conditions. AMSOIL lubricants decrease operating expenses by reducing engine wear and downtime.


Four Ball Wear Test Graph

The Four Ball Wear Test determines the wear protection properties of a motor oil by measuring the wear scars created by four metal balls in contact. The smaller the wear scar the better the engine protection.

NOACK Volatility Graph

The Noack Volatility Test is a standard test used to measure the evaporation loss of lubricating oils. The low volatility of AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil reduces oil consumption, improves fuel efficiency and maximizes engine protection.

...and On the Go.
Performance & Competition Performance & Competition

Performance vehicles need performance oil. AMSOIL Synthetic Racing Oil reduces heat and wear while providing quicker engine response and increased horsepower

4-Wheel Drives 4-Wheel Drives

AMSOIL gear lubes and motor oils provide the hard pounding protection needed by 4X4s. Even under the most extreme conditions and temperatures, AMSOIL lubricants perform and protect.

Motorhomes & RVs Motorhomes & RVs

Motorhomes and RVs operate in the widest ranges of environments and temperature extremes. AMSOIL motor oils provide dependable starts, maximum power and increased fuel economy.

Outboards & Marine Outboards & Marine

AMSOIL hp Injector Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil reduces wear, improves throttle response and delivers maximum engine response and power. AMSOIL Marine Gear Lube provides outstanding protection to outboard and sterndrive lower units in fresh and salt waters.

Family & Personal Family & Personal

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and filtration products provide unsurpassed, long-lasting service and protection for cars, trucks and other family fleet equipment.

Custom & Show Custom & Show

Vehicles stored for long periods of time need rust and corrosion protection. AMSOIL motor oils and fuel stabilizer protect against harmful conditions to preserve irreplaceable engines.

Motorcycles & ATVs Motorcycles & ATVs

AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils reduce friction and wear, improving throttle response and delivering maximum power. The tough, no-shear formulation of AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils provides the ultimate protection in extreme conditions.

Snowmobiles Snowmobiles

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is engineered specifically for power sports applications and those engines equipped with exhaust power valves. It provides exceptional cleanliness and excels at controlling exhaust valve sticking and provides outstanding overall lubrication properties.

Amsoil Filter Solutions

AMSOIL provides the highest-quality filtration products available on the market today. AMSOIL Ea Filters feature synthetic nanofiber technology, providing the ultimate in efficiency, capacity and reduced restriction. AMSOIL Ea Air and Oil Filters offer extended service intervals as well, providing superior protection longer. AMSOIL also offers high-quality filtration products from Donaldson and WIX. WIX oil, air, fuel, transmission and racing filters are known around the world for their performance and reliability. Donaldson Endurance and Donaldson P-Series filters provide superior filtration for heavy-duty applications. When it comes to filtration, AMSOIL provides the best choice for virtually every application.

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